Easily Upgrade Your Outrigger System to the Grand Slam 390

Easily Upgrade Your Outrigger System to the Grand Slam 390

Easily Upgrade Your Outrigger System to the Grand Slam 390

Spring boating is just around the corner, which means it's time for DIY upgrades. If you have a TACO Grand Slam 280, Grand Slam 2801 or Grand Slam 380, this is the perfect time to consider upgrading to the new Grand Slam 390 Outrigger Mount.

Ideal for boats 25’ to 40’, advancing to the GS-390 is the perfect project upgrade going into the offshore season. All TACO Grand Slam Outrigger Mounts share the same base size and hole pattern. Therefore, upgrading is quick, easy and doesn’t require modifications. 

If you have backing plates from the GS-280, GS-2801 or GS-380, keep them! The GS-390 uses the same backing plates (part # BP-150). If you didn’t use backing plates before, we recommend installing them with the GS-390 for added strength.

If you have the GS-280, GS-2801 or GS-380 with poles in good conditionmost likely you won’t need to purchase new poles for the GS-390. Like those mounts, the GS-390 pairs with our TACO 1-1/2” diameter outrigger poles up to 20'. Additionally, if you are using a base reducer on the GS-280, GS-2801 or GS-380 to fit your 1-1/8” poles, you can continue to do so with the GS-390. However, the 1-1/8” diameter poles by TACO only come up to 15' long, so you may want to consider an upgrade to longer TACO Tele-Outrigger poles, which are easily supported by the GS-390.

How is the GS-390 different from the GS-280, GS-2801 or the GS-380?

  •        Unlike the GS-280 and GS-2801, the GS-390 vertical lift can be adjusted from the deck, which means no more climbing on gunnels.
  •        The GS-390 is a step above the GS-380 because of an added gusset, thicker arm and a more robust and easier-to-turn elevation crank handle.

What are other distinct features of the GS-390?

  • It has a pin-locking arm and accepts any 1-1/2” diameter outrigger poles on the market.
  • The GS-390 features a 30º offset rotation handle that provides additional hand clearance.
  • For boats with a unique top design or top-mounted accessories that may prevent rotating the handle outbound, the GS-390 can also be special ordered to feature a 180º handle option that faces the bow. This unit, known as the GS-390-180, allows the handle to be rotated inbound while rotating the outrigger poles to their fishing location.

The GS-390-180 pictured on a Pursuit.

  • Learn more about the GS-390-180 in the video below. If you think this mount is an option for your boat, you can special order it through your favorite marine dealer.

  • For boats with thicker tops, the GS-390 is also available as the GS-390XL for tops up to 4” thick. The extended base allows the unit to extend through the thicker top without interference in operation of the rotation and lift of the outrigger mount.
  • The GS-390XL looks and operates exactly like the standard GS-390.
  • For more information about the Grand Slam 390 Outrigger Mount, check out the video below.

For more information about the Grand Slam 390 Outrigger Mount, check out the video below.

If you have any questions about upgrading to the GS-390, don't hesitate to reach out. We have a technical support team ready to help! 

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