How is the GS-390 Outrigger Mount Different from the GS-380?

How is the GS-390 Outrigger Mount Different from the GS-380?

How is the GS-390 Outrigger Mount Different from the GS-380?

A common question we receive is, “what’s the difference between the new GS-390 Outrigger Mount and the GS-380 Outrigger Mount?”

This is a great question! Although the differences may be subtle in appearance between these two outrigger mounts, they are very important. 


The Grand Slam 380 Outrigger Mount, or GS-380, was first introduced to boat builders and sport fishing enthusiasts in 2012 as a safer option for adjusting outrigger poles. The GS-380’s revolutionary design enabled anglers to adjust the outward rotation and vertical lift of outrigger poles from the comfort and safety of the deck.

The GS-380 Outrigger Mount’s innovative design incorporated a new lifting crank handle, which took the industry by storm. Quickly, the GS-380 Outrigger Base began showing up on popular offshore fishing boats at tradeshows and in dealer lots.


At TACO, constant innovation is an important part of our company's core values. Because of this, and with valuable feedback from boat builders and fishing enthusiasts, we enhanced the overall design of the GS-380 to roll out its bigger, beefier sibling in 2019 – the Grand Slam 390 Outrigger Mount, or GS-390.


While similar in design, including the use of our patented outrigger mount technology, the GS-390 differs from the GS-380 in three key areas:

  1.      We added a gusset between the arm and body, which helps the GS-390 support longer outrigger poles.
  2.      We increased the arm thickness on the GS-390, which also helps to support longer outrigger poles.
  3.      We incorporated a more robust and easier-to-turn elevation crank handle on the GS-390.


Like the GS-380, the GS-390 Outrigger Mount is designed to accept 1-1/2” diameter outrigger poles. The arm features a pin-locking design that secures outriggers into the arm of the mount. The GS-390 can be used with TACO 1-1/2” Tele-Outriggers, or with any 1-1/2” diameter pin-locking outrigger pole on the market.

Also like the GS-380, the GS-390 features a 30º offset handle, which allows for greater hand clearance under the top when adjusting an outrigger.


Another great feature about the GS-390 Outrigger Mount is the option for a 180º bow-facing handle, instead of the traditional aft-facing orientation. This is known as the GS-390-180, which allows the handle to be rotated inbound, instead of outbound, when placing the outrigger poles into fishing position. 

Check out the video below to learn more about the GS-390-180.

The GS-390 is also available with an extra-long body for boats with thicker tops up to 4”. This is known as the GS-390XL


For more information about the Grand Slam 390 Outrigger Mount, click here. Also, check out the video below featuring TACO Pro Team and OEM Sales Manager Captain Mark Henderson from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team.  

If you’re a boat builder and have questions about the GS-390, please contact your TACO Sales or Customer Service Representative today or fill out the Contact form here. If you’re a boat owner and would like to purchase the GS-390, visit our online store and use coupon code GS390TAKETEN for 10% off the GS-390, GS-390-180 or GS-390XL

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