Since we opened our doors in 1959, providing excellent customer service has been at the heart of all we do at TACO.

As a rapidly growing boat manufacturer, TACO realized our immediate requirements and the importance of servicing Sportsman Boats in a timely manner. A couple of years ago, TACO opened a distribution center to help accommodate our daily and weekly essentials for builds.

They have worked hand-in-hand with our engineering, production and inventory management teams to help design new seating products, deliver materials to our tower and T-top facility and even deliver rub rail directly to our production lines. They have gone as far to customize material handling equipment and packaging to help simplify things for our company.

TACO has a dedicated sales, customer service and delivery team in Summerville that will respond in a moment’s notice to ensure we can design and build boats as quickly and efficiently as possible. TACO has partnered with us from the beginning, in assisting with changing design requirements to helping improve our cash flow by helping us manage and turn our inventory.

- Tommy Hancock, President, Sportsman Boats.

These electric antenna mounts [Grand Slam 850] came out perfect! From ratchet antenna mounts to these, the difference is night and day. With the ease of a button, our customers never have to risk going up on a hardtop again. The installation is quick and easy and adds to that luxury aspect we have always strived for. Couldn’t be happier with these mounts! Thanks!

- Andres Carpenter, Purchasing Manager, Concept Boats, Inc.

Thanks to TACO Marine, we save time and money when it comes to installing rub rail. They make it easy, convenient and efficient with their rub rail pre-forms, which makes it a no-brainer for us at SeaHunter.

- Ernesto Martinez, Purchasing Manager, SeaHunter Boats.

TACO earned our business by coming in and understanding our urgent needs. They quickly provided sample parts for approval, developed a short-term plan to keep our production moving while working with us on a long-term plan to further enhance quality and reduce cost. I'm totally delighted with the partnership we've created!

- John Cooney, Director of Engineering, Avalon & Tahoe Pontoon Mfg.

I have personally worked with TACO for over 20 years. Their commitment to quality, service and innovation is unparalleled in the marine industry. I cannot recall a time where TACO. did not go above and beyond to exceed my expectations.

- Marty Clement, Vice President of Materials and Customer Service, Regal Marine

We always strive to be the leader in innovation and quality. It's therefore very important that we choose suppliers who share our same vision and values. TACO gives us dependable high quality, innovation and service.

- Steve Potts, President, Scout Boats

We rely on TACO's high-quality and exceptional service for all our Rub Rail, Outrigger systems, metal components and custom-designed Helm Seats. Running a production boat building operation, it's essential to have the right quality parts delivered in on time. TACO's just-in-time delivery is a huge benefit to us.

- Todd Albrecht, President, Blue Water Dynamics

Being the #1 fiberglass boat builder in America in retail sales (according to SSI data), we find it very critical, especially in the times, to partner with the right suppliers. TACO is one we count on for their Innovation, Foresight, Quality and Service. They understanding our outlook and continued growth in the marine industry and are always there when we need them.

- Joseph I. Kirkland, III, President/CEO, Carolina Skiff, LLC.

Last night, we had a very intense rain squall and we realized the back two hatches still leaked. It was the only two that I did not use the TACO Weather Seal on. All the [hatches] that I added the TACO Weather Seal on in St. Lucia have been tight without a single drop of water coming into the boat. Great seal! I bought enough in St. Lucia for the other two hatches and may be have other uses for it. I looked at the hatches I did in St. Lucia, and the TACO Weather Seal has completely integrated as part of the hatch and existing hatch seal. I am so happy to find the TACO Weather Seal. Having leaks inside a boat is not good and having a leak over your berth is miserable!

- Jopie Helson, Owner, Sailor's Wharf Yacht Yard

When trolling dolphin, blackfin tuna and sailfish, this vital piece of equipment is equally as important as any accessory or piece of tackle aboard our tournament-equipped center console. That’s exactly why we choose TACO’s 20' carbon fiber poles. Surprising light yet incredibly strong, the carbon fiber poles stand up to any conditions and make it incredibly easy for us to expand our trolling spread to a full arsenal of 12 lines! Single lures, daisy chains, dredges spreader bars, these poles easily handle them all! Easy to fix into the bases with a simple yet durable and reliable twist & lock design, all corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminum hardware, and pre-rigged for triple clips, we simply couldn’t ask for anything more from an outrigger pole. And when you’re filming a tv series and every strike counts, we can’t afford to fish anything but the best! See TACO carbon fiber poles in use on Florida Sport Fishing TV and see for yourself why it’s TACO or nothing!

- Capt. Mike Genoun, creator/host of Florida Sport Fishing TV. Capt. Mike uses TACO Pro Series GS-500 Outrigger Mounts and 20' Carbon Fiber Tele-Outriggers onboard his Sea Vee 390Z.