At TACO Marine, we take great pride in being a full-service solutions provider. Boat builders, accessory manufacturers, dealers, distributors and retailers rely on our expertise to bring their products to fruition on time, within budget and with a level of unparalleled quality.

From product design, engineering, manufacturing and inventory management to sales, technical support and ensuring on-time delivery of products, all of us at TACO are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service to meet each customer’s needs.



Our TACO design and engineering teams have decades of experience across a multitude of areas working with aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Our areas of expertise include extruding, fabrication, casting, machining and finishing. This depth and breadth of experience results in innovative solutions to some of the most demanding and challenging customer projects.

Whether it’s custom designs, extrusions or finished parts, our team uses the latest technology. We work in SolidWorks and can receive and read .IGS, .STEP, .IPT, .DXF, .DWG and 3DM files.

At TACO Marine, we do in-house testing to provide product solutions that meet or exceed our customer expectations and perform long-term in a harsh marine environment. Our testing equipment and capabilities include the following:

  • 3D CAD modeling and Rapid Prototype Capabilities
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Temperature tests
  • Seat load, impact and pull testing
  • Salt fog tests
  • Dart impact testing
  • Ultraviolet light testing
  • Cyclical testing
  • Metallurgy
  • Corrosion testing

We offer a large selection of standard and specialty extrusions as well as custom shapes. At TACO, we specialize in high-quality aluminum and plastic extrusions for various end-use marine applications.  

We design and develop aluminum extrusions through our long-term partnership with both large domestic and overseas extruders who are industry leaders and provide full-service capabilities, including secondary fabrication and finishing.

Our plastic extrusions are produced in-house and include flexible, semi-rigid and rigid PVC profiles as well as other engineered materials. Our custom formulated compounds and colors provide excellent UV weathering and impact resistance. We offer both single and dual extrusion capabilities, decorative foil lamination and PSA tape backings, all of which are designed, engineered and tooled in-house. Our downstream cooling, vacuum sizing and calibration tanks control tight dimensional tolerances. We have both inline and offline fabrication that is finished cut to length with holes punched, drilled and/or countersunk.


We are a leading supplier of stainless steel type 304 and 316L lost wax investment castings and fabricated products. Our China joint venture has more than 25 years’ experience producing high-quality parts for the marine industry. Major OEMs rely on us to consistently deliver large volume production of high-quality, competitively priced parts and assemblies.


At TACO, we operate full service Computer Numerical Control [CNC] machines for close tolerance, precision parts. We have high-speed, multi-axis mills and lathes that provide extreme efficiency and flexibility for short runs and fast part changeovers. 


Our mechanical finishing capabilities include lineal brushing, spiral sanding, polishing, anodizing, electrostatic painting and powder coating.



We offer an extensive array of more than 800 readily available stock items, including tube, pipe, extrusions, hinges, fittings and hardware. Our core product lines include rub rail, seating and pedestals, sport fishing equipment and canvas top and metal fab hardware. 

From our 150,000 square foot manufacturing and central distribution warehouse in Sparta, Tenn. and our regional warehouses in Florida and South Carolina, we provide two-day service to the entire eastern and central United States.

Our advanced inventory management programs track monthly product usage to meet customer requirements and aid in reducing their on-hand stock levels and carrying costs. Orders are scheduled to be manufactured, warehoused and delivered around each customer’s specific needs with a backup safety stock to prevent product outage.


Our logistics teams monitor and coordinate orders with delivery schedules, allowing orders to be manufactured, warehoused and available for release based on customers’ project needs and schedules. 

Delivery is provided on our own fleet of trucks to customers throughout the southeastern United States. We deliver weekly and bi-weekly – guaranteeing the right products are delivered on-time and in good shape with reduced freight damage.

We ship beyond the United States, we’ve expanded our borders to provide the best products and service internationally. We built manufacturing facilities overseas to ensure global access to our products and passion.