Outrigger Accessories for Spring Fishing

Outrigger Accessories for Spring Fishing

Outrigger Accessories for Spring Fishing

It’s officially spring! For saltwater anglers, that means you’re targeting key pelagic species when trolling offshore.

This time of year, the list for top pelagic fish to target when offshore trolling is extensive. Anglers troll for a variety of fish, including Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Little Tunny (False Albacore), Wahoo and Barracuda, to name a few.

When trolling for these sought-after species, it’s crucial you have the right outrigger accessories setup and ready for action.

At TACO, we have a large selection of sport fishing outrigger accessories designed to make your time on the water as fun and efficient as possible.

Starting with rigging kits, we offer seven kits from which to choose to meet all your offshore trolling needs, including kits available in braid or mono. Check out this blog where Captain Mark answers the age-old sport fishing conundrum – should I use mono or braid?

When offshore trolling in search of the next best bite, having the right rod holder cluster is key. The right cluster should keep you organized, be easy to move and enable efficient fishing. At TACO, we offer four fantastic clusters that are designed to provide anglers with the best rod holder solution for their needs.

Each cluster features a gimbaled butt for secure placement into standard rod holders. The Deluxe Trident Rod Holder Clusters also feature a detachable tool tray, which can hold all your rigging supplies in one convenient location.

Check out the video below featuring Captain Mark, who talks more about the features and benefits of the Deluxe Trident Rod Holder Cluster. In the video, he uses the Offset version while kite fishing. 

We also offer a host of practical outrigger accessories that are designed to make your life easier when fishing. 

The Outrigger Line Caddy is a simple-yet-effective product that can easily be attached to outrigger poles. The caddies enable anglers to easily keep halyard lines neat and organized. Simply add the caddies to any pole with the ears facing opposite, or away from each other to your desired length and wrap the excess lines accordingly.

Another fantastic outrigger accessory that is simplifying sport fishing is the Outrigger Line Tensioner – a product that is installed through the gunnel and locks halyard lines into place through pulley blocks with practically zero effort. The streamlined design of the Outrigger Line Tensioner eliminates the need for camel-back cleats.

Check out this installation video with Captain Mark, who installs the Outrigger Line Tensioner on Captain Mike Genoun’s Sea Vee from Florida Sport Fishing TV.

Find all these great products and more right here on tacomarine.com. For boat builders and dealers, contact your TACO Sales or Customer Service Representative for inquiries and to place an order. For boaters, visit Buy TACO Direct and use code TACO10 for 10% off your first order.

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