Miami Boat Show 2014: Editor’s Top 25 ... Taco Marine Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount

Miami Boat Show 2014 Florida Sportsman Editor’s Top 25 products:                                              Taco Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount                                                                  by Jeff Weakley FloridaSportsman-Logo"So we’re back from the Miami Boat show, with card-loads of photographs and pages and pages of notes. Lots of sweet new rides, efficient new engines, amazing electronics displays. A lot of this stuff we’re going to feature in Florida Sportsman and Best Boat magazines in the coming months, but for some digital fun, immediate gratification, here’s a quick scan of 25 random but very interesting highlights. Enjoy. Taco Marine Grand Slam 880Hallelujah! A VHF antenna T-top mount that allows you to raise and lower the antenna without climbing onto the gunnels. We’ve had systems like this for outriggers for years. This is the new Taco Grand Slam 880 Antenna Mount – the crank lever hides away when not needed." Taco Marine: This unique design allows for raising and lowering of an antenna from under the top with a hand crank – no power required. This represents a significant convenience for boaters and a safety feature as well, since the antenna can be adjusted without having to climb up top to adjust.  Click here for additional information. 
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