1’’ x 1/2’’ Flexible Vinyl Insert

RUB RAIL / Vinyl Inserts

Features and Benefits

  • For use with rigid and aluminum Rub Rail
  • Soft PVC insert provides cushion effect to absorb impact
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year limited warranty

*Note: Do not stretch insert while installing. For tips on insert installation, please contact TACO Tech Support today.

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Part Number Length Color
V12-0303BKA200 200 feet Black
V12-0303BKA50-1 50 feet Black
V12-0303BKA70-1 70 feet Black
V12-0303WHA50-1 50 feet Arctic White
V12-0303WHA300 300 feet Arctic White
V12-0303WHA70-1 70 feet Arctic White
V12-0303WHC200 200 feet Frosty White
V12-0303WHC50-1 50 feet Frosty White
V12-0303WHC70-1 70 feet Frosty White