2" X .906" Medium SuproFlex Rub Rail

RUB RAIL / SuproFlex Rub Rail

The new SuproFlex Rub Rail is lightweight and ultra-flexible to save you time and money while providing a seamless precision fit. The innovative SuproFlex series is co-extruded vinyl that provides two levels of hardness – ensuring enhanced protection from impact. SuproFlex Rub Rail requires minimal heating – reducing installation time and manpower. Additionally, SuproFlex Rub Rail requires no pre-forming and easily molds to most hull shapes. This new rub rail is available in a variety of sizes and colors, and pairs with TACO’s patented Flex Chrome Insert, which can also be customized to any builder’s color preference. SuproFlex is coming soon as a convenient all-in-one DIY kit! To get SuproFlex today, visit your local boat builder.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for boats up to 65'
  • Co-extruded to provide two levels of hardness
  • Rigid backing and soft durometer front
  • Shock-absorbing channels for higher impact resistance
  • Lighter weight than traditional vinyl rub rail
  • Requires no pre-forming and minimal heating
  • Pairs with V12-0307CP (sold separately)
  • Insert color can be customized to builder's preference
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Feedback
Part Number Description Color Length Insert
V11-9990BKA60D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Black 60' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP
V11-9990WHA60D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Arctic White 60' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP
V11-9990WHC60D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Frosty White 60' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP
V11-9990BKA80D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Black 80' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP
V11-9990WHA80D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Arctic White 80' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP
V11-9990WHC80D SuproFlex, medium, 2" x .906" Frosty White 80' V12-0307CP / V12-0307BP