Thank You for Stopping By the TACO Booth at IBEX!

Thank You for Stopping By the TACO Booth at IBEX!

Thank You for Stopping By the TACO Booth at IBEX!

From all of us at TACO Marine, Thank You for visiting our booth during IBEX! We are proud of all the innovative, new products we've introduced during our 60 years, and look forward to introducing more in the future. Below is a preview of several new products we introduced at the show. For more information on any of these new or other products discussed at IBEX, explore our new website and contact your TACO Sales or Customer Service Representative today!

GS-1000 Electro-Hydraulic Outrigger Mount

The GS-1000 electro-hydraulic system allows boaters to safely adjust outriggers from the comfort of the helm with the simple push of a button. The GS-1000’s microprocessor-controlled system adjusts lift from 0º through 75º with incremental stops at 30º, 45º and 60º.

Lift and rotation are driven by a 1,000-PSI hydraulic pump, which is routed through a micro-controlled manifold and valve assemblies. The GS-1000 is installed flush with the top, allowing the hydraulic lines and wiring to be hidden below the mount. For added safety, the outward rotation cannot take place without the release of the locking mechanism at the control panel.

The heavy-duty GS-1000 can easily handle outrigger poles as long as 24’. 

GS-950 Electric Masthead Anchor Light

With the simple push of a button, boaters can safely adjust the position of their Masthead Anchor Light from the comfort of the helm with the new GS-950. Ideal for powered vessels 39’ and under (12-meters and under), the GS-950 is certified for USCG-required 2 nautical miles. The GS-950 is a fully electric unit with hidden wires inside the hardtop. This mount easily installs to the surface of the hardtop and fits all top thicknesses. The GS-950 lights operate on 12 volts and consist of four 3-watt LED Cree chips driven by two Mean Well drivers. 

GS-850 Electric VHF Antenna Mount

Introducing the all new Grand Slam 850 Electric VHF Antenna Mount! Designed with safety and innovation in mind, boaters can adjust the position of their VHF antenna with the simple push of a button from the comfort of their helm. The GS-850 is a fully electric unit with hidden wires inside the hardtop. This mount easily installs to the surface of the hardtop and fits all top thicknesses. 

SuproFlex Rub Rail

SuproFlex is co-extruded vinyl that provides two levels of hardness – ensuring enhanced protection from impact. These profiles are lightweight, ultra-flexible and provide a seamless precision fit. 

SuproFlex Rub Rail requires minimal heating – reducing installation time and manpower. Additionally, SuproFlex Rub Rail requires no pre-formingand easily molds to most hull shapes.

This new rub rail is available in a variety of sizes, colors and pairs exclusively with TACO’s patented Flex Chrome Insert, which can also be customized to any builder’s color preference. SuproFlex Rub Rail is ideal for any boat up to 65’.

Boca Sport Chair

Introducing the innovative, new Boca Sport Chair – designed to provide the ultimate support and comfort for longer, faster boat rides. With adjustable armrest brackets and a rollback seat bolster, the Boca Sport Chair doubles as a leaning post!

Siesta Sport Chair

Introducing the classy, yet functional Siesta Sport Chair. Beginning at the top, the Siesta’s unique design features a sporty tapered head support, which is less bulky around the crest than other chairs. Down the center of the chair’s body and wrapping down the front of the bolster is a stylish diamond pattern, which adds to the chair’s overall opulence.

Siesta Sport Bench

The same great features as the innovative Siesta Sport Chair, but available as a 45" bench! Like all our made-in-the-USA helm seats, the Siesta Sport Bench is made from premium quality, marine-grade vinyl fabric treated with anti-microbial and UV stabilizers. These come with plush, anti-bacterial foam padding, which provides durable support and protection from mold and mildew.

Baja Sport Chair

Introducing the plush, breathable Baja Sport Chair – a 25” wide, aesthetically pleasing helm seat designed to keep you cool and comfortable during long boat rides. Its comfy foam padding and sporty back cutouts not only provide ergonomic support, but also allow air to pass through at two strategic locations.

Command Ratchet Hinge, 9-3/8"

Constructed from high-grade stainless steel and brass, our Command Ratchet Hinge is ideal for sunpads, bolsters and lounge backrests. This specialty hinge has a 15º locking inclination and ratchets up to four positions.

Command Ratchet Hinge, 18-1/2"

Because of the success of the popular 9-3/8" long Command Ratchet Hinge, we developed the 18-1/2" long counterpart for longer applications. This heavy-duty, extended specialty hinge has one locking position at 61.5º and is perfect for sunpads, bolsters and lounge backrests.

Hideaway Ratchet Hinge

Versatile, robust and concealed describe the innovative, new Hideaway Ratchet Hinge! The Hideaway Hinge transforms a standard seat cushion into a Class-A backrest to allow for versatile seating and deck options. The distinctive below-deck design provides functional, adjustable hinge operation without visible hardware. Under-cushion installation permits long runs of backrests to operate in independent sections. Adaptability to varied seatback widths also allows for unique applications, such as fold-down transom seats, hideaway tables and access doors.

Stainless Steel Folding Seat Bracket

Introducing the Stainless Steel Folding Seat Bracket – a polished stainless steel Type-316L bracket that's ideal for foldout jump seats, transom bench seats and other seating applications. When folded to 90º, it stands just under 11" tall.

Sundeck Latch

Our concealed, low-profile Sundeck Latch is perfect for an array of applications, including engine hatches, access panels, cabinet doors, dock boxes and folding seats. Its non-slip grip is perfect for a secure lift and comes with an adjustable anchoring stud.

What's next for TACO? We're exhibiting at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in booth 403 Oct. 30 through Nov. 3 and METSTRADE in stand 12.408 Nov. 19 through 21.