How to Clean Rub Rail

How to Clean Rub Rail

How to Clean Rub Rail

If you have rub rail on your boat, then you know it can sometimes be tricky keeping it clean and scuff free. In this blog, we have some quick tips for how to clean rub rail.

Good Old-Fashioned Soapy Water 

For simple scuffs and debris build-up picked up at the dock or from the elements, a good old-fashioned wash down with environmentally friendly soapy water could do the trick of cleaning your boat rub rail. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could strip the UV protectant or damage the color, such as bleach. We recommend using a rag or hand towel that is dipped in the soapy water and then used to gently scrub clean select areas or the entire rub rail along the boat. 

Soapy water can be used on all types of rub rail, including vinyl, stainless steel and aluminum.  

Heavy-duty Cleaners

For serious scuffs or mildew that soapy water won't remove, you'll likely need to use a stronger, more heavy-duty cleaner. A car cleaning fine compound is a good option for cleaning tough spots on your rub rail. When using the compound, follow the product manufacturers instructions for application, just as you would if applying it to the surface of a vehicle.  

To help maintain a glossy shine, some boaters use small amounts of WD-40 or silicone sprayed onto a cotton rag and wiped on the surface of the rub rail. 

Marine Products to Explore

Because some of these cleaning products, such as vehicle waxing compound and WD-40 are not specific to boat application, we also recommend looking into marine products to clean your boat rub rail. The following three products listed are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as product endorsement by TACO. If you have found success with a specific product to clean your boat rub rail, please let us know by commenting on this blog below.  

STAR BRITE Rub Rail Restorer with PTEF

Shurhold Buff Magic Compound

Marine 31 Stainless Steel Liquid Polish

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