Electric Low Profile Adjustable Seat Slide, 13-1/8" X 36"

TACO Seating / Seat Slides

Introducing a fully electric Low Profile Adjustable Seat Slide! Perfect for seats 41" to 54" wide, this 13-1/8" X 36" electric seat slide travels up to 5" and can be stopped anywhere between its fully extended and retracted positions. M20-3613E is available to boat builders only. Contact your TACO Sales or Customer Service Representative for more information.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for seats 41" to 54"
  • Features 5" of travel distance (stroke length)
  • Meets H31 testing standards for seat applications
  • Precision-machined 6000-series aluminum chassis
  • Rail/Linear Glide system are self-lubricating, dirt resistant, quiet, corrosion free, light weight and shock resistant 
  • Low profile with secure fit with universal mounting bolt pattern on both pedestal and box applications
  • Quite operation ≤ 58dB
  • Electric actuator
  • Self-locking at any given position (at rated loads)
  • No racking in any direction due to precision tolerances in the track/glide system
  • All electric seat slides and components are acid etched clear anodized
  • Made in the USA 
  • 3-year limited warranty
Motor Specifications
  • 12V DC 9 AMP Max current
  • Max load 3500N
  • Push and pull force of 1500N
  • IP66 Rated 
  • Speed 13.5 mm/Sec @ 1500N
  • Feedback
Part Number Description Length Width Height Power Max Load Push/Pull IP Rating
M20-3613E Seat Slide, Electric 36"WX13"LX2.25" 13-1/8" 36" 2-1/4" 12V DC 9AMP 3500N 1500N 66