How To Increase the Value of a Used Boat

How To Increase the Value of a Used Boat

How To Increase the Value of a Used Boat

If you're planning to sell your used boat, we have an easy solution for improving its outward appearance and increasing its sale value. Replace the Rub Rail!

Make the Best First Impression

Worn out, faded or damaged Rub Rail not only looks bad, but can give potential buyers a less-than-flattering first impression of the boat you're trying to sell. Spending an afternoon replacing the old Rub Rail using one of our easy DIY Rub Rail Replacement Kits is an affordable solution to help your used boat make the best first impression.

Universal Profiles to Fit Most Boats

We designed nine universal Rub Rail Replacement Kits to meet the needs of most boat styles. Our kits include the Rub Rail, Insert (if applicable), stainless steel screws and end caps. If you're not sure which Kit is for you, please contact our Technical Support team today for help. You can also explore our handy online Rub Rail Replacement Guide. You'll find Rub Rail information for more than 200 builders. If a Kit is not listed for your builder, our Technical Support team can help you select the right Kit for your boat.

More Than Just Kits

If one of our Rub Rail Replacement Kits is not for you, or you want to use Rigid VinylStainless Steel or Aluminum, you're in luck! We sell a large variety of long length Rub Rail direct. Click here to explore our Rub Rail store.

Shipping Long Length Rub Rail

Keep in mind, Rigid Rub RailStainless Steel Rub Rail and Aluminum Rub Rail cannot be coiled. Because of that, a special shipping service and a shipping fee is required. To help you save money and avoid this shipping fee, we created SuproFlex Rub Rail.

SuproFlex Rub Rail 

SuproFlex Rub Rail is ultraflexible and requires minimal-to-no heating. Additionally, it pairs with our patented Flex Chrome Insert, which has the look of Stainless Steel Rub Rail without the cost or weight. And best of all, SuproFlex comes in one continuous coil, which means no special shipping or shipping fee!

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