The Taco Marine Sponsored Liquid Fire Fishing Team Recent Tournament Results

Liquid Fire fishing team and Taco Marine

Holy Mackerel, that's a big one! The 39.74# king we caught during leg 2 of the Cape Lookout Shootout Tournament Series.[/caption] At 2nd Place TWT Big Fish with this 39.74 pound king mackerel. So now the Liquid Fire fishing team, sponsored by Taco Marine, is currently in 9th place in this 50-boat championship series, 21st overall out of a 120+ boat field. Taco Marine

Those proud 24, 25.58 and 25.02 # King Mackerels are posing with Joshua, Crockett and Mark during the weigh-in. Make sure you check back here after the IBEX show in Tampa, as we'll have some new products to show you – or better yet, visit us at the show.