Liquid Fire Fishing Team Results from Cape Lookout Shootout

Liquid Fire Fishing Team Results from Cape Lookout Shootout

Liquid Fire Fishing Team Results from Cape Lookout Shootout

Congratulations to TACO Pro Team Liquid Fire Fishing Team! The family fishing team took home 1st place for the biggest fish and 7th place aggregate at the Cape Lookout Shootout Championship this past weekend!

The Liquid Fire Fishing Team celebrating the moment their King Mackerel was weighed, which came in officially at 63.05 pounds.

From left is Crockett, Mark, Joshua and Chris, who make up the Liquid Fire Fishing Team.

With Captain Mark Henderson at the helm, his son Crockett reeled in the 63.05-pound King Mackerel, at which time his older son Joshua gaffed the fish into the boat. Teammate and brother-in-law Chris Waters documented the battle for the team to secure 1st place for the biggest fish during the North Carolina-based tournament.

Brothers and teammates Joshua, left, and Crockett hold up their 63.05-pound King Mackerel, which took home 1st place for biggest fish.

"We knew it was the largest king we ever boated," said Mark. "We've had a couple of others that were that size we lost at gaff, but those are just fish stories.  When Joshua pulled this fish over the gunnel, we knew it may be the fish of a lifetime. Needless to say, the level of anxiousness watching the fish come to gaff turned to pure exhilarating excitement. It was a very special day for our family."

Mark Henderson hugs his mom, Sue, during the championship.

The Cape Lookout Shootout takes place annually in North Carolina. During the Championship, the Liquid Fire Fishing Team also reeled in a 70-pound Wahoo.

Coming up, Liquid Fire is slated to compete in the Capt. Roger's Wahoo Challenge, which begins November 27th. Stayed tuned for more action from the Liquid Fire Fishing Team!