Choose TACO LED Lights for Onboard Visibility & Safety

Choose TACO LED Lights for Onboard Visibility & Safety

Choose TACO LED Lights for Onboard Visibility & Safety

At TACO, we offer a variety of LED lights and LED navigation lights for boaters and boat builders. Whether it's extra lighting onboard or navigation lights for safety, our collection of LED lights are fantastic additions to any vessel.

Masthead Anchor Lights

One of the most dangerous things a boater can do is climb on top of a gunnel or seat back to adjust a top-mounted masthead anchor light. To improve boating safety, we developed two fantastic options for raising and lowering the masthead anchor light – a manual crank Grand Slam 900 and electric Grand Slam 950.

With the GS-900, easily lift and descend this navigational requirement from the safety of the deck, right under the top and without ever having to climb on the gunnel again. Simply extend the crank handle and rotate the light to the upright position or back to its stowed, towing location. 

Take your boat top to the next level and install the GS-950 – the fully electric equivalent of the GS-900 that enables the adjustment of the masthead anchor light with a simple push of a button from the comfort of the helm.

Both the GS-900 and GS-950 run on 12 volts and consist of four 3-watt LED Cree chips driven by two Mean Well drivers. Additionally, both mounts are certified USCG-required for 3 nautical miles on vessels 39' (12 meters) and shorter. 

Read more about the GS-900 here and the GS-950 here.

Rub Rail LED Navigation Lights

Check out our line of popular (and patented) rub rail-mounted LED navigation lights. These low-profile lights, which are certified USCG-required for 2 nautical miles, mount directly into your boat's rub rail – freeing up deck space and providing 112.5º of unobstructed LED navigation light views. 

We offer these lights with a variety of cover sizes and shapes to pair with most rub rails on boats up to 30 feet in length. These LED navigation lights also have an IP68-rating for water resistance.

Learn more about our Rub Rail LED Navigation Lights here

Surface Mount LED Navigation Lights

Because mounting LED navigation lights into rub rail is not always possible, we also offer two kinds of low profile surface mount LED navigation lights. These have 112.5º of unobstructed views and are great for boats up to 40 feet in length. These also have an IP68 rating of water resistance.

Discover more about our Surface Mount LED Navigation Lights here.

LED Deck Lights

Depending on your needs, we have LED Deck Lights that easily mount to pipe or flat-surface applications, as well as LED Tube Lights for T-tops.

Both our pipe and flat mount LED lights feature four bright, white LEDs and are USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection*. These long-lasting LED lights provide a powerful 700-lumen output with 100º spread beam angle, and have an IP67 rating of water resistance.

Our popular LED Tube Lights, available in either aluminum or plastic housing, have a whopping 108 LED lights and are available in either white/red or white/blue. These provide 300-lumens of white light and 150-lumens of color light, and have an IP67 rating of water resistance.

Check out our LED Deck and Tube Lights here on pages 1 and 2.

*USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection. Completely sealed lights have been tested in an explosive environment and exposed to an explosive atmosphere in high temperature that includes powering on-off 50 times without igniting the atmosphere at a temperature not exceeding 200-degrees C. These certificates demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product that meets statutory and regulatory requirements that assure customer satisfaction and safety. Ideal for use in engine rooms, battery compartments and anywhere fire safety is of most importance.