Learn More About Marine Lumber

Learn More About Marine Lumber

Learn More About Marine Lumber

What in the world is Marine Lumber?  

These two words – “marine” and “lumber” – don’t exactly go together. Typically, when one thinks of “lumber,” they think of wood, which in the marine environment is not good. Wood in a wet, humid environment rots, warps and falls apart, causing many problems to which DIY project boat enthusiasts can attest. So, then what is Marine Lumber?

Marine Lumber, which is also commonly referred to as Marine Starboard, is a UV-stabilized, marine-grade polymer sheet. Unlike good, old-fashioned wood, Marine Lumber does not rot, warp, delaminate, swell or splinter. Additionally, its unique properties mean it cuts and drills like wood. In essence, with Marine Lumber, you’re getting the usability and versatility of wood without the headache.

Marine Lumber can easily be cut, routed, shaped and drilled with standard woodworking tools. 

For example, TACO Pro Team Captain Orlando Muniz with Nomad Fishing Charters recently used a large sheet of black Marine Starboard to replace a section of his console on his 1997 Whitewater.

Unlike wood, Marine Lumber does not fade in the sun. It also provides excellent resistance to the harsh marine elements, including saltwater, and the matte texture requires no painting, finishing or maintenance.

Marine Lumber is also very easy to clean. It is very chemically resistant and most common detergents and cleaners work well. You can use a nylon “scrubby” or stiff bristle nylon brush when cleaning Marine Starboard, but care should be taken because excessive force can mar the finish.

When cleaning Marine Starboard, bleach can be applied and allowed to soak to help lift persistent stains. Pressure washing is also an acceptable method of cleaning. To remove a petroleum problem from Marine Starboard, such as grease or oil, use citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits. 

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At TACO, we offer KingStarboard® Marine Lumber in regular and Anti-Skid polymer sheets in a variety of sizes and colors.

Anti-Skid Marine Starboard was developed to prevent slipping and dangerous falls in high-traffic areas of a boat. This unique product features a diamond-tread, sure-grip design made of a high-friction surface polyethylene to prevent slipping and promote drainage when wet.

If you have any questions about Marine Lumber, aka Marine Starboard, its many uses and how you can incorporate it onto your boat, comment on this blog below or contact our Technical Support experts today.