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So what's the difference between a Sailfish and a Marlin?
First, Both are members of the billfish family  giving them their distinctive pointy snouts.

The Dorsal fins are different: The sailfish has a sail-looking dorsal fin and opens up when the sailfish feels threatened. The Marlin's dorsal fin is less pronounced and is actually one connected fin. The Sailfish dorsal fin is a series of fins connected together a bit like feathers, and sometimes called pleats. Also, marlins dorsal fins are smaller than Sailfish dorsal fins.

The Pectoral fins are also different: The Sailfish has a significantly larger pectoral fin than that  of a Marlin. They both also use them for show and agility.

The Bills: The larger bill belongs to the sailfish, and both bills are very sword-like. The Marlin's bill is more like a broadsword and the Sailfish is thinner and more like a fencing sword.

So which fish is shown above? More important, catching a Marlin or Sailfish on a fishing trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – and we hope you used Taco Marine outriggers to help get one on the line.