Installing Grand Slam On Hardtop

As a rule of thumb, if the hardtop is strong enough to walk on, it is usually strong enough to mount an outrigger on it.

  1. If you have foam or core filled hardtop, make sure its thickness does not exceed 2-1/2”.

  2. Select the mounting location of the Grand Slam Mount keeping in mind that the center of the 3-1/8” hole must be a minimum of 7-1/2” away from anything that might interfere with the rotation of the handle underneath the hardtop.

  3. Using the template, mark the center of the 3-1/8” hole in both port and starboard locations.

  4. With a 3-1/8” hole saw, make the holes in the hardtop.

  5. Insert the Grand Slam Base into the hole with the outrigger arm laying down resting on the lip facing the stern. It is easier to tell if the base is straight if you place an outrigger in the tube.

  6. With the outrigger facing straight back, mark where the four mounting holes have to be drilled on both port and starboard locations.

  7. Using a 5/16” drill bit drill the four mounting holes in each location.

  8. If your hardtop is foam or core filled, it is recommended that you use spacers (small lengths of tubing) to fit inside where the mounting bolts pass through. This will prevent the top from compressing when you tighten the bolts.

  9. Put a bead of silicone on the underside of the flat plate of the Grand Slam to form a seal around the hole.

  10. Place the Grand Slam Mount so that the barrel goes through the 3-1/8” hole and line up the four mounting holes with the four holes in the base.

  11. Install the four mounting bolts down through the Grand Slam Mount, through the hardtop and through the backing plate on the underside of the hardtop.

  12. Install nuts and washers and tighten the bolts making sure that you do not compress the hardtop.

  13. Rotate the bottom of the Grand Slam to align it with the handle hole and install the operating lever with the nylon bushings by pushing it firmly in and slightly down until you feel the nylon bushings seat into the sockets.

  14. With the handle all the way in, hand tighten the collar to secure the handle.

  15. Repeat steps 9 through 14 on the other Grand Slam.