Our Tele-Outriggers give trouble-free performance, providing you use them for the purpose that they were designed and that the suggested preventive maintenance tips are carried out after use.


These Tele-Outriggers are designed to provide the same benefits when trolling as fixed outriggers do. In addition, TACO Marine’s TELE-OUTRIGGERS provide added benefit, when in the retracted position, of easy storage for care and theft prevention, greater bridge clearance, less obtrusion when trailering, and reduced stress on the gunwale.


  • High speed cruising in rough seas is not recommended. High speedcruising with the outriggers fully extended can cause possible damage to the outrigger sections and internal components of the aluminum outrigger. Retract your TACO Marine Tele-Outriggers before operating under those conditions.
  • Excessive release clip tension or faulty clips can cause unnecessary loads on outriggers and mounts. Adjust and check clips before each use.
  • Avoid denting any of the tubes.
  • Avoid tampering with the eyelets as they are preset during assembly.

Operation Tips:

How to extend Tele-Outriggers:

  • Extend the TACO Marine Tele-Outriggers in the mount or free standing if possible.
  • Start with the end closest to the base and gently pull each section out.
  • Keep the eyelets lined up until you get to the internal stop.
  • Once the tube is extended to the stop rotate the tube until the spring loaded button pops out ,usually one full rotation.


  • Wash with fresh water in the fully extended position after each use.
  • Spray all exterior components with a quality lubricant then lightlywipe down with soft cloth. Avoid silicon based lubricants