Surface Mount LED Side Navigation Light Set 1-3/8"


AVAILABLE NOW! The newest addition to our LED selection is our Surface Mount LED Navigation Light Set – a pair of low-profile lights conceal-mounted in a heavy-gauge stainless steel cover designed to fit on flat surfaces and ideal for up to 40 foot boats.

Features and Benefits

  • Installs back mounted with concealed fasteners
  • Ideal for boats up to 40-feet long
  • Provides reliable, long-lasting LED lighting for thousands of hours os maintenance-free use
  • 3-watt red and green LED with a low draw of only .6 amps that compares to 10-watt incandescent light
  • Easy installation with marine adhesive sealants
  • Designed to fit small transom areas
  • Provides 112.5º unobstructed view with less glare
  • Meets ABYC-USCG requirements for both sail and power boat designation 2nm
  • Low-voltage 12 to 24VDC
  • Anodized cylindrical aluminum heat sink for maximum heat dissipation
  • LED light is mounted in a heavy-gauge, polished stainless steel cover for a clean and unobtrusive look
  • Water-resistant IP68 rating
  • Special order item
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Consult with our TACO customer service team for help determining the installation position.
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Part Number Description Width Amp Draw
F38-6610G Surface Mount LED Side Navigation Light Set, 1-3/8" 1-3/8" .6 amps @12V