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Tele-Outrigger Selection

TACO Marine Tele-Outrigger

The Original

TACO MarineSport Fishing Tele-Outriggers are the original telescoping outriggers. They are made from the highest quality materials in Miami, Florida, the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World," and have the only three year warranty in the industry

Recommended Sizes:

Boat Size Outrigger Size
20 & under 12
21 to 27 15
28 to 34 18

Trolling Outriggers

What is trolling?

How do I use my outriggers?

When trolling with outriggers you can troll with more lines in the water, thus pulling more bait which simulates a school of fish. Outriggers will eliminate tangled lines. Each outrigger can accommodate one or two lines from your rods and reels The line is used with a release clip that extends to the end of your outrigger.

When a fish strikes your bait, the release clip will allow your fishing line to come free of the outrigger so you can reel in the fish.