Siesta Sport Bench

Seating / Helm Chairs

As boating becomes more sophisticated, so does our line of helm seating. Introducing the classy yet functional Siesta Sport Bench. Beginning at the top, the Siesta’s unique design features a sporty head support, which is less bulky around the crest while providing optimal comfort. Down the bench's body and wrapping down the front of the bolster is a stylish diamond pattern, which adds to the bench’s overall opulence. The Siesta Sport Bench also features an uncomplicated dual bolster – providing for quick, secure adjustments that make the bench double as a leaning post. Additionally, the Siesta features strong, adjustable armrests. Like all our made-in-the-USA helm seats, the Siesta Sport Bench is made from premium quality, marine-grade vinyl fabric treated with anti-microbial and UV stabilizers. These come with plush, anti-bacterial foam padding, which provides durable support and protection from mold and mildew.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom vinyl options and stitching available to boat builders
  • Powder-coated armrest brackets
  • Powder-coated, roll-back seat hinge with recessed hinge for protection
  • Roll-back seat bolster allows quick repositioning
  • Available as a 45" wide bench
  • Meets ABYC H-31 impact test requirements
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Feedback
Part # Description Width
HA6-45 Siesta Sport Bench 45"