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Application Support: Step Pad
Step Pad

Step Pad

Step Pad

Note: Please print design template at 100% for accurate sizing. Slight scaling may still occur. Therefore it is recommended that all template dimensions are measured for accuracy before using. This should not to be used as a drilling template unless dimensions are checked.

Materials List:

  • Marine Lumber 1/2" X 12" X 27" TACO part # P10-5012WHA27-1
  • Black Step Tread TACO part # V12-5815BKA10-1
  • #8 stainless steel flat head sheet metal screws approx. 1-1/4" in length (Determine the length that will best suit your needs)


  • Table saw Carbide tipped blade with 50-70 teeth
  • Router 3/16", 3/4" and 1/2" router bits 1/4" round over bit
  • Electric or battery powered drill 3/16" drill bit Countersinking tool


  1. Cut out one 3-3/8" wide by 12" piece for each step pad
  2. With the 1/4" round over bit, route all four edges of the top face of each step pad
  3. Set up your router so the center of each cut will be 7/8" from one side, beginning and ending 1/2" from the end
  4. Rout out the top notch on one side using the 3/4" bit, going 1/8" deep
  5. Repeat routing out the top notch from the opposite edge
  6. Rout the next notch using the 3/16" bit going 1/8" deep from the bottom of the first notch
  7. Repeat routing out the next notch from the opposite edge
  8. Turn the step pad upside-down and rout the bottom notch using the 3/8" bit
  9. Repeat routing out the bottom notch from the opposite edge
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 on the other step pads
  11. Cut the Vinyl Step Tread into 11" pieces for each step pad
  12. Trim back the stem under the top of the step tread 1/4" from each end
  13. Drill four 3/16" holes and countersink through the Marine Lumber in the space between the edge of the Marine Lumber and the beginning of each notch
  14. Drill a pilot hole with a 3/32" drill bit through each mounting hole into the surface where you are mounting the step pad and secure with screws.
  15. Install the step treads by pushing them down into the top notch until it seats