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Application Support: Side Mount Rod Racks
Side Mount Rod Racks

Side Mount Rod Racks

Side Mount Rod Racks

Note: Please print design template at 100% for accurate sizing. Slight scaling may still occur. Therefore it is recommended that all template dimensions are measured for accuracy before using. This should not to be used as a drilling template unless dimensions are checked.

Materials List:

  • Marine Lumber Sheet 12" X 27"
  • TACO Part # P10-5012WHA27-1
  • 8 - # 8 stainless steel flat head sheet metal screws


  • Table Saw or Circular Saw
  • Jig Saw w/ wood cutting blade 7/8" & 2" hole saw Router w/ " round over bit
  • Drill 3/16" drill bit w/ countersink


This project is 13" tall and will not fit on one piece of paper. There is one template that includes the top half of both the left and right sides of the rod holder and one template that includes the bottom half of both the left and right sides. Tape both drawings together by lining them up with the dotted lines and then cut out both the templates as a complete unit before transferring them to the Marine Lumber. You can make the top and bottom holes closer or further apart by overlapping the top and bottom templates or placing them further apart before tracing them to the Marine Lumber. The back plate size is variable since you may decide to place the top and bottom rod holder templates either closer or further apart depending on the size of the rod and reels you are going to store in them. The back plates are made by drawing a rectangle 1-1/2" wide by 2" longer than the overall length of the rod holders. If you used the templates as is, the back plates should be 15" long. Two completed back plates should be cut out, one for the left rod holder and one for the right rod holder.

  1. 1. Tape the top and bottom half of the rod holder templates together by lining up the dotted lines that separate the top from the bottom then separate the left from the right
  2. Cut out the outlines of the template with a scissors and place on the Marine Lumber according to the layout plan
  3. Trace around the templates with a wax pencil.
  4. Using an awl and a hammer, carefully make a mark in the center of the 7/8" and the 2" holes
  5. Using a hole saw, cut out both of the 7/8" and 2" holes in the rod holders
  6. Cut all templates from the Marine Lumber including the two rectangles for the back plates as mentioned above
  7. With a jig saw, cut out the straight edges of the 7/8" holes and the curved sections of the rod holders
  8. Rout all edges with a round over bit with the exception of the back edges of the rod holders
  9. Drill a 1/8" hole " down from both ends of the back plates and countersink them from the front
  10. Drill a 1/8" hole 4" from each end of the back plates and countersink them from the back
  11. Screw the back plates to the rod holders using 1/8" X 1" Flathead stainless steel wood screws through the two center screw holes
  12. Mount the completed rod holders approx. 3 or 4 ft. apart, using four 1/8" X 1" Flathead stainless steel sheet metal screws through the two holes on the ends of the back plates