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Product Display: Z80-2190
Triton 2-Stage Table Column 19-1/8 - 32-1/2 [Click image for Detail.]

Triton 2-Stage Table Column 19-1/8 - 32-1/2


Satin Anodized

The Zwaardvis 76mm Adjustable Table Pedestals are engineered with aluminum extrusions and a variety of castings specifically for the medium cruiser market. All columns are tapered on the bottom to permit a secure fit into the base while allowing for easy removal and storage. Adjustable columns are available in manual or power-matic variations. The power-matic pedestals contain gas-assisted cylinders for the ultimate in precise and convenient adjustment.

Features and Benefits

  • Power-Matic adjustable height
  • Gas shock provides smooth operation of column adjustment
  • Delrin bearings for smooth operations
  • Ribbed surface
  • Polished, Stainless Steel collars and locking clamps

Z80 Table Column Product Detail

Part No. Length Top Tube OD* Bottom Tube OD* Style Finish/Color
Z80-2190VEL32.5-PM 19-1/8" 32-1/2" 2-3/8" 3" Ribbed Satin Anodized
Z80-2600VEL27.5-PM 14-3/8" 27-3/4" 2-3/8" 3" Ribbed Satin Anodized
Z80-2603VEL26-PM 12-5/8" 26" 2-3/8" 3" Ribbed Satin Anodized
Z80-2603VEL26-PMS 12-5/8" 26" 2-3/8" 3" Smooth Satin Anodized

* OD = Outside Diameter

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