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A behind the scenes look at how TACO Marine seating is made

By TACO Marine
March 5th, 2014 Helm Chairs

TACO Marine is a leader and recognized for supplying quality, engineered marine chairs with readily-apparent workmanship and style. TACO Marine’s chairs are constructed from strong, corrosion, mildew and staining resistant materials and carry a 3-year warranty. Constructed of non-wood materials. Marine-grade stainless steel, anodized aluminum alloys and injection molded resins ensure long lasting protection form constant exposure to the harsh elements of sun and saltwater.

TACO Marine’s wide range of helm chairs are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the application.

The TACO Marine Deluxe Helm Chair’s have these 5 main advantages...

  • Convenience: The articulating armrests are tightly assembled to prevent chance movement.
  • Variety: We provide seat widths from 23″ to 40″ for a wide range of boats.
  • Flexibility: Rollback seat bolsters enable the driver to stand at the helm or sit at higher position.
  • Safety: The rollback seat hinge features a unique shield that eliminates dangerous pinch points and secures the bolster in place preventing it from flipping down.
  • Quality components: We only use 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel for hinges, brackets and all metal components for optimum performance.

Helm chair’s are available with or without TACO Marine Helm Chair Seat Slides.

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