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Product Display: V30-0109
3/8’’ x 5/8’’ Weather Seal Tape

3/8’’ x 5/8’’ Weather Seal Tape


Synthetic Rubber

Absorbs shock and reduces vibration. Durable EDPM synthetic rubber compound offers superior resistance to water absorption, sunlight damage and extreme temperatures. With adhesive backing, it’s ideal for livewells, exterior doors, instrument covers and electronic boxes.

Features and Benefits

  • Medium closed cell density durable flexible sponge rubber
  • Heavy duty self-adhesive backing for convenient installation
  • Prevents leaks and reduces rattling

V30-0109 Product Detail

Part No. Retail No. Length Height width Color
V30-0109B500 -- 500’ 3/8" 5/8" Black
-- V30-0109B10-1 10’ 3/8" 5/8" Black