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Product Display: V21-0874
2-1/16’’ x 1-7/16’’ Rigid Spray Rail

2-1/16’’ x 1-7/16’’ Rigid Spray Rail


Rigid Vinyl
Artic White

Spray Rail is a Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail that is designed to provide protection from water spray and keep the boat dry. Is it worth the expense? Yes, considering the wetness reduction is 50-60% when installed properly onto the hull. Spray Rail also adds lift to your boat making for a faster boat!

Rigid vinyl rub rail tightly forms to the boats’ contours and has exceptional lasting qualities in the most adverse conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Requires heat for radius forming
  • Cuts and drills like wood
  • Provides protection against water spray
  • Keeps boat dry and improves performance through lift
  • Designed for use without an insert
  • 50-60% wetness reduction
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

V21-0874 Product Detail

Part No. Length Height Width Screw Color
V21-0874WHA18 18’ 2-1/16" 1-7/16" #10 Artic White