Product Display: V12-1069
5/8’’x 5/16’’ Flex  Chrome Insert Patent #6,349,662

5/8’’x 5/16’’ Flex Chrome Insert


The new “Flex Chrome” rub rail insert provides the beauty of Stainless Steel without the high cost and labor.

Features and Benefits

  • Flex Chrome by Taco Marine is a flexible yet durable insert that is ideal for boats desiring a clean stainless steel look at a 30%+ savings
  • Flex Chrome installs quickly and easily without fasteners so there are no visible screw heads around the entire length of your boat
  • Flex Chrome is bonded to flexible PVC and contains an additional clear top coat layer for increased durability. It will not corrode even if penetrated
  • Easy, cost-effective retrofit at dealer level
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

Material Characteristics

  • Denser substrates provide more robust protection
  • Authentic “Chrome” finish
  • Durable materials will provide years of maintenance-free service

Product Specifications

  • Developed originally for OEM automotive exterior trim applications, Flex Chrome has passed extensive automotive testing for Heat/Humidity Freeze Cycle, Salt Spray, Shock and Accelerated Weathering
TACOMetals, rub, rail, insert Patent #6,349,662

V12-1069 Product Detail

Bulk Retail Length Height Width Color
V12-1069CP165 ----- 165’ 5/8" 5/16" Chrome

Fits Rub Rail: V21-9662.

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