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Product Display: V12-0003
1/2’’ Tube Style Flexible Vinyl Insert

1/2’’ Tube Style Flexible Vinyl Insert

TACO Marine V12-0003 Flexible Vinyl Insert with V11-2423 Rub Rail (not included)
V12-0003 Flexible Insert with V11-2423 Rub Rail (rub rail not included)

Flexible Vinyl

TACO Marine’s vinyl inserts are offered in various colors to accent your boat. The insert hides rub rail fasteners for a clean look. Available in continuous coils or reels for one piece installation without seams.

Features and Benefits

  • For use with flexible rub rails
  • Soft PVC insert provides cushion effect to absorb impact
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

V12-0003 Product Detail

Part No. Retail No. Length Height Width Diameter Color
V12-0003BKA250 - 250’ - - 1/2" Black
- V12-0003BKA50-1 50’ - - 1/2" Black
- V12-0003BKA70-1 70’ - - 1/2" Black
- V12-0003WHA50-1 50’ - - 1/2" Artic White
- V12-0003WHA70-1 70’ - - 1/2" Artic White

Fits Rub Rail: V11-2423, V11-3447, V11-4014

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