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Product Display: V11-2423 Kit
1-7/8’’ x 1-1/16’’ Flexible Rub Rail Kit [Click image for Detail.]

1-7/8’’ x 1-1/16’’ Flexible Rub Rail Kit

Spec Sheet Installation Instructions How To Install TACO Marine’s Flexible Rub Rail on your boat
Installation Video and Instructions
TACO Marine V11-2423 Flexible Vinyl Rub Rail with V12-0003 Insert
V11-2423 Kit

Flexible Vinyl

Features and Benefits

  • Kits available in a variety of lengths, width, styles and colors
  • Easy to carry retail box with cut-out product viewing
  • UPS compliant packaging
  • Made in USA
  • Five year limited warranty

Material Characteristics

  • Soft durometer rub rail provides cushion effect to absorb impact
  • Continuous coils for seamless, one-piece installation
  • Tight radius bends require minimal heat

Kit Includes

V11-2423 Kit Product Detail

Part No. Length Height Width Rub Rail Color Insert Color
V11-2423BBK50-2 50’ 1-7/8’’ 1-1/16" Black Black
V11-2423BBK70-2 70’ 1-7/8’’ 1-1/16" Black Black
V11-2423BWK50-2 50’ 1-7/8’’ 1-1/16" Black Arctic White
V11-2423BWK70-2 70’ 1-7/8’’ 1-1/16" Black Arctic White

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