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Product Display: V11-0809
1-1/16’’ x 11/16’’ Flexible Rub Rail

1-1/16’’ x 11/16’’ Flexible Rub Rail

Installation Instructions How To Install TACO Marine’s Flexible Rub Rail on your boat
Installation Video and Instructions

Flexible Vinyl

Flexible Vinyl provides cushion effect to absorb impact with its soft durometer material. Offered in continuous coils for one piece installation without seams.

Features and Benefits

  • Tight radius bending can be made with minimal heating
  • Easy handling making these rub rails a good choice for do-it-yourself boaters
  • Accepts flexible vinyl insert (sold separately)
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

V11-0809 Product Detail

Part No. Retail No. Length Height Width Color Inserts End Cap
-- V11-0809BKA50-1** 50’ 1-1/16" 11/16" BKA V12-0810 F90-0750BN

**Boxed and coiled for UPS compliance

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