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How To Install Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail

TACO Marine Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail

Materials Needed

Rub Rail, Insert, Stainless Steel Screws, Silicone Sealant, Safety Goggles

Tools Needed

Tape Measure, Variable Speed Drill, Drill Bits, Caulking Gun, Hack Saw, Heat Gun



CAUTION: If your rub rail comes coiled, stand in the center of the coil when cutting the straps so it unwinds away from you. Be prepared for quick movement of the coil.

Once the rub rail comes in contact with the hull stop tightening the screw! Be careful not to over-tighten the screws or the rub rail will pucker (wrinkle)

When making splices, make sure the ends are cut straight and smooth.

How To Install Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail on your boat

Installation Instructions:

  1. Place masking tape above or below where the rub rail will go. Mark where the new holes are going to be located, or mark where the filled holes are so as to avoid them.

    Note: This should be the first step in all rub rail installations.

  2. Place the center of the first length at the bow. If there is a screw hole at the center, offset it 4” to one side. Check to see if any of the holes line up with a filled hole, slide the rub rail a couple of inches until all rub rail holes are clear of previous gunwale holes.

  3. Press the rub rail against the hull and go back to one end. Leave the first two holes un-drilled. Drill through the third pre-drilled hole. Coat the screw threads with Silicone or 3M 5200 and install the screw. Repeat this process until you reach the bow.

  4. Bend the rub rail around the bow using a heat gun, moving it back and forth to prevent overheating or burning the rub rail.

  5. Continue installing screws until you get to the other end of the rub rail. Leave the last two holes un-drilled.

  6. Start the next length by overlapping the previously installed length by 1/8” and begin attaching it leaving the first two holes un-drilled.

  7. Complete installing this length leaving the last two holes un-drilled.

    Note: Do not over tighten the screws. Stop tightening once the rub rail touches the hull.

  8. Continue installing all the lengths until you reach the unfastened end of the first piece you installed at the bow, cutting it so it overlaps that piece by 1/8”. Leave the last two holes undrilled.

  9. Splices are made by pulling out on the two ends until they touch and pushing in so they snap into place, then install the screws. When installing heavier rub rail (like the V21-1025 or V21-1039) the ends are simply butted together without overlapping.