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Captiva Helm Chair [Click image for Detail.]

Captiva Helm Chair

Spec Sheet TACO Marine Captiva Helm Chair with custom vinyl options for boat builders How to Install TACO Marine Seats
How to Install TACO MarineSeats
A behind the scenes look at how TACO Marine seating is made
A behind the scenes look at how TACO Marine seating is made
TACO Marine’s 23’’ Captiva Helm Chair  in White

Stainless Steel / Marine Grade Vinyl
New Product

TACO Marine is recognized for supplying quality, engineered marine chairs with readily-apparent workmanship and style. TACO Marine’s chairs are constructed from strong, corrosion-resistant materials and carry a 3-year warranty. Adding to the success of the Capriand CoastalHelm Chair series is Captiva. The CaptivaHelm Chair series is a single, comfortable 23" size helm chair that provides simple yet stylish application.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for up to 30’ Boats
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort on long trips
  • Durable marine grade components and materials
  • Built to meet H31 seat category requirement
  • 23” size allows multiple chairs side-by-side
  • Pleated inserts provide a stylish look
  • Folding armrests and hinged bolster pad standard features
  • Polished stainless hardware and non wood construction
  • Matches with TACO Marine seat slides for passenger adjustment
  • Custom two-tone options available, white base with color insets or color welt and piping
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Made in USA
TACO Marine’s Captiva Helm Chair Dimension’s

HA3 Product Detail

Part No. Description Color "A" "B" "C" Seat Slide
HA3-23WHA-0000-0-0 23" Captiva Helm Chair White 23" 21" 23" M20-0225

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