Product Display: H14-0112
1-1/2’’ S/S Continuous Hinge

1-1/2’’ S/S Continuous Hinge


Stainless Steel
Type 304

Continuous hinges, also known as “Piano” hinges, provide uniform strength, smooth pivot action throughout the entire length, and accurate alignment for easy installation. Continuous hinges can be easily cut to the exact length required. Typical applications include: boat seats, lids & hatches.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous stainless steel flat hinge
  • Polished finish or Annealed finish
  • 1/2" knuckle length
  • .235" diameter hole size
  • Drilled on 2" centers

Did you Know?

Continuous Hinges "Piano Hinges" are…
  • Strong throughout entire length because each knuckle is a load bearing point
  • Increase product rigidity by supporting full length of the application
  • Easier and more precise to align than two or more butt hinges
  • Attractive and uniform in appearance
  • Smooth in pivotal action, providing optional axial rotation
  • Low-cost and economical
  • Available in many variations and are customizable
Taco Marine Hinge Dimensions

H14-0112 Product Detail

Part No. Retail No. Length Width Gauge Pin Diameter Hole Diameter Screw Finish
H14-0112A-72 H14-0112A-72-1 72" 1-1/2" .040" .091" .235" #6 Annealed
H14-0112P-72 -- 72" 1-1/2" .040" .091" .235" #6 Polished