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Product Display: F38-8600
3-LED Deck Light - Pipe Mount [Click image for Detail.]

3-LED Deck Light - Pipe Mount



Unique, low profile LED deck light designed to fit 1” IPS pipe (1.315" OD). Ideal for t-tops, towers, railings, poling platforms, leaning posts.

Features and Benefits

  • USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection*
  • 8.0 Watt equivalent to a 55 Watt halogen flood light
  • Powerful 540 lumen output with 100° spread beam angle
  • 12-24 volt applications
  • Very low power consumption (.6 amps @ 12V)
  • 8’ hidden power cable
  • Available in Blue or Red Light
  • Compact design bolts directly to 1" schedule 40 pipe
  • Wire chafe guards included for running wires through tube or pipe
  • Limited one year warranty

Material Characteristics

  • Bright dip anodized Aluminum housing
  • Durable and self-extinguishing clear plastic lense
  • LED chips are silicone potted for IP67 Waterproof (non-submersible)
TACO Marine’s F38-8600 LED Deck Light - Pipe Mount Dimenson Drawing

*USCG, ISO and SAE certified for Ignition Protection. Completely sealed lights have been tested in an explosive environment and exposed to an explosive atmosphere in high temperature that includes powering on-off 50 times without igniting the atmosphere at a temperature not exceeding 200 degree C. These certificates demonstrate the ability to consistently provide product that meets statutory and regulatory requirements that assure customer satisfaction and safety. Ideal for use in bilge areas, engine rooms, battery compartments and anywhere fire safety is of most importance

F38-8600 Product Detail

Part No. Description LED Color Lumens Amperes Draw UPC U Of M Std. Pk.
F38-8600BXZ-B-1 3-LED Deck Light - Pipe Mount Blue 540 .6 @ 12V 630838084196 Each 6
F38-8600BXZ-R-1 3-LED Deck Light - Pipe Mount Red 540 .6 @ 12V 630838084202 Each 6

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