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Product Display: A45-0356
2’’ Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe, 2.375’’ Diameter

2’’ Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe, 2.375’’ Diameter


Aluminum Pipe

TACO Marine’s aluminum pipe is used for construction of T-tops, Tuna Towers, Leaning Posts, Poling Platforms, Bow Rails, ski arches and other marine metal structures. The unique properties of the pipe allows the fabricators to achieve desired bends and welding while maintaining strength, stability, and quality appearance.

Features and benefits

  • Aluminum Pipe
  • Ideal for interior and exterior use
  • Extruded to close tolerances
  • For use in T-tops, towers, leaning posts, poling platforms and bow rails

A45-0356 Product Detail

Part No. Iron Pipe Size (I.P.S) Outside Diameter Wall Length Finish/Color
A45-0356AEY20-A 2" 2.375" 0.154" 20’ Mill (AEY)
A45-0356BSA23-M 2" 2.375" 0.154" 23’ 320 Grit Brite Anodized (BSA)
A45-0356BXY23-M 2" 2.375" 0.154" 23’ Polished Brite Anodized (BXY)

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