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Poseidon Powermatic Seat Columns

Poseidon Powermatic Seat Columns

Z80-3000 Series

Reengineered Poseidon Pedestal Systems offer added strength, stability and a sleek appearance.  Satin anodized aluminum seat supports feature Delrin bushings for smooth 360 degrees rotation and 6" fore/aft slide. Smooth anodized aluminum columns are engineered with internal I-beams offering excellent lateral support. Improved locking clamp mechanism locks in place with one-motion and offers added stability. Stainless steel lever or Power-matic, gas-assist seat height adjustments for effortless control. Brite anodized aluminum, surface mount 300mm, 11-7/8" base is tapered (100mm/76mm) for a secure fit.

Seat Columns Poseidon Powermatic Assembly Product Detail

Bulk Height Range Top Outside Diameter Bottom Outside Diameter
Z80-3001VEL-PM Adjustable 14-1/2 - 18-1/8" 76mm (3") 100mm (4")
Z80-3002VEL-PM Adjustable 17-3/4 - 21-3/8" 76mm (3") 100mm (4")
Z80-3003VEL-PM Adjustable 20-7/8 - 24-3/8" 76mm (3") 100mm (4")
Z80-3004VEL-PM Adjustable 24-7/8 - 28-3/8" 76mm (3") 100mm (4")