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Outriggers FAQ

Will TACO Marine Outriggers fit my existing bases?
It depends on the size (or brand) of the existing bases. Measure the inside diameter of the base tube the outrigger fits into.  We make sleeves to fit 1 1/8” and 1 1/2”.  Please call our customer service for more help with sizing.
I have a Lee base that I think is 1 3/8 inch. Which TACO Marine outrigger fits my base?
Lees made a 1 3/8 inch base about 5 years ago and has discontinued it.  TACO Marinemakes a bushing to fit.  The 1.400 fits on our 15ft Heavy Duty and our 18ft Heavy Duty.
What kind of preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure the useful life of TACO Marine Tele-outriggers?
Always hose down thoroughly with fresh water after every use. Occasionally use oil on a cloth and wipe down, especially if storing for an extended time. Never use WD 40 as it is silicone based and it and will leave a gummy build up that impedes the telescoping action.  A straight oil such as CRC is recommended. Read More.. 
How do TACO Marine’s Tele-outriggers telescope?
A marine grade stainless steel spring button locks in place when the outriggers are fully extended.  The tubes are protected by delrin bushings to prevent scratching and make the telescoping action smooth.  
What length do TACO Marine’s outriggers retract down to?
Retracted length varies depending on the model.  The retracted length is anywhere from 5’1” to 7’11.
My outrigger is fitting loose in my Striker base.  What can I do?
TACO Marine’soutriggers are designed to be a little loose to ensure easy entry and exit from the bases. However, the design is tight enough to ensure a pole never falls out in heavy seas or during transportation. The rigging keeps them in along with the angle. Over time the bottom bushing tends to swell slightly which adds to the fit.  If desired, you can drill thru the arm and into the outrigger to install a pop pin. If a pop pin is installed, make sure the outrigger eyelets are facing the right direction for fishing (usually toward the stern).  
Can TACO Marine’s Tele-outriggers be extended when the boat is running?
Good judgment must be used.  Running in heavy seas may result in bending of the outriggers. Once bending occurs the outriggers no longer telescope. Under normal boating conditions the outriggers can be extended.  We suggest whenever possible telescope the outriggers in as it reduces stress to the gunnel or t-top and there is a less chance of bending the outriggers.