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Installing Grand Slam On T-Top or Arch

These usually have an aluminum plate running for and aft on each side between the brace bars.

  1. Unlace the canvas enough to expose the aluminum strips of the T-Top.

  2. To find the proper location of the aluminum plate keep in mind that the center of the 3 hole must be 7-1/2 away from any horizontal or vertical tubing that might prevent the Grand Slam handle from rotating outboard.

  3. If you are going to install your own plates, un-lace the canvas and weld aluminum plates to the aluminum strips running fore and aft on either side of the T-top. The plates must have the minimum dimensions of: 3/8 thick X 5 wide X 7 long and they should be welded on 3 sides. If you are using our weld-on mounting plate GSE-1939BLS30-1, GSE-1940BSA30-1 or our easy install clamp-on mounting plate GSE-1002 steps 4-8 have been done for you. It is not necessary to un-lace the canvas if you are using our clamp-on mounting plate.

  4. Using the template, mark the center of the 3 hole making sure that it is at least 7-1/2 (for a GS-250A) or 10"(GS-350) away from anything that might interfere with the handle rotation. Using a 3 hole saw, drill a 3 hole through the plate.

  5. Insert the Grand Slam Base into the 3 hole with the arm facing aft. Install an outrigger in the tube to make sure that the outrigger is facing straight back. Mark where the four 5/16 mounting holes should go and remove the outrigger and the Grand Slam Base.

  6. Mark where the four 5/16 mounting holes should go and remove the outrigger and the Grand Slam Base.

  7. Drill the four 5/16 mounting holes.

  8. Wedge plated are available in 7, 9 and 11 to level the mount if needed.

  9. Repeat steps 4 through 7 on the other plate.

  10. Lace up the canvas

  11. With a razor knife cut an X in the canvas at the 3 holes in both of the aluminum plates.

  12. Put a bead of silicone on the underside of the Grand Slam Bases around the barrel and insert into the holes through the canvas top making sure the outrigger tubes are facing aft and install the bolts and nuts.

  13. Install the operating lever with the two white bushings by pushing it into the hole and moving it up and down until you hear it click in and hand tighten the locking ring. Test the Grand Slam by pulling down o the handle and rotate into different positions all the way around.

  14. Your Grand Slam bases are now installed.