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Grand Slam Outrigger Mount FAQ

Can I change the handle position on my Grand Slam mount?
On the GS-250A and the GS-350 models, the handle position has to be ordered in the position you want it in. Once built it can not be moved to another position. The handle position on the GS-270 can be changed at any time.
How do I order GS-250A or GS-350 with different handle positions?
The starting positions of the handle on all Grand Slam models is with the outrigger pointing straight back. In this position the normal handle position is also pointing straight back. To order the handle in a different starting position with the outrigger in the straight back position, here are the part numbers and the new starting positions:
  • Starting position with the handles facing inward: GS-250PSA, GS-350T-90, GS-350H-90
  • Starting positions with the handles facing forward: GS-250A-180, GS-350T-180, GS-350H-180
Where should I mount the Grand Slam?
On a hardtop, the Grand Slam should be mounted fairly close to the outside edge to make it easier to install, remove, rig and reposition the height of the outrigger while standing on the gunnel. However, care must be taken when choosing the location of the 3-1/8 hole. Always allow for sufficient clearance of the handle in the direction it is going to be rotated so it does not hit support pipes or anything else that might obstruct its movement.

On T-tops, a clamp-on or weld on mounting plate is mounted directly under the canvas top. This is when the location of the Grand Slam must be considered, taking into account the distance from the outside edge of the canvas top support tubing and the placement of the 3-1/8 hole so the handle rotation will not hit anything.

Minimum handle clearance distances from the center of the 3-1/8 hole to any object are as follows:

  • GS-250A 8
  • GS-270 8
  • GS-350 10
How far above and below the T-top or Hardtop do the Grand Slams extend while the arm is in the horizontal position?
The distance below the top is useful for determining headroom. The distance above the top is useful when choosing a location to store the boat. Attached to a mounting plate or a hardtop without a wedge plate the dimensions are:
  • GS-250A 9 above and 5 below the mounting surface
  • GS-270 8-3/4 above and 6-1/2 below the mounting surface
  • GS-350T 9-1/4 above and 8-1/2 below the mounting surface
  • GS-350H 9-1/4 above and 10-1/4 below to the end of the crank handle
Where do I mount the pad eye to hook the rigging to?
The pad eye should be installed on the outside edge of the hardtop or on the T-top support frame even with or not more than 12 aft of the Grand Slam unit.