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Cleaning Marine Lumber

Marine Lumber is very chemically resistant and most common detergents and cleaners work well. You can use a nylon “scrubby” or stiff bristle nylon brush but care should be taken because excessive force can mar the finish.

Bleach can be applied and allowed to soak to help lift persistent stains. Pressure washing is also an acceptable method of cleaning. To clean a petroleum problem such as grease or oil, use citrus cleaner, alcohol, or mineral spirits. Care must be taken to avoid contact with pencil lead or prolonged contact with teak oil and other oil based products as these do not clean well and may cause staining.

Furniture polish or products such as Armor-All® can add an attractive luster to the finish and hide small mars on the product’s surface.

*Do not use polishing products on stepping surfaces to prevent the danger of slipping.