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Taco Marine
is a division of
Taco Metals, Inc.. We are a family owned
and operated company established over
five decades ago that has steadily grown to
become a global leader in the recreational
marine industry while still maintaining our
strong family values and commitment to
serving our customers’ needs. Today, the
Taco Marine brand includes a wide selection
of products from Rub Rail, Canvas and Tower
Hardware to Sport Fishing Equipment, Seating
Products and Specialty Custom Hardware.
We strive to deliver Innovation, Quality and
Service in everything we do which is why boat
builders, marine fabricators, distributors,
dealers and repair yards all rely on
Taco Marine products to meet their design
and performance needs. This combined with
our large on-hand inventory, same or next day
shipping and dedicated service and technical
support make Taco Marine a complete
solutions provider well positioned to serve our
customers for many more years to come.
Innovation, Quality and Service
Visit the Taco Marine website for product specifications, installation and technical product information, project design templates and more.
Vinyl Extruding &
CNC Machining
Warehousing &
Taco Metals, Inc.
Sparta, TN
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