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Outrigger Kits

TACO Marine 280 Grand Slam Outrigger Kit Installation

TACO Marine Outrigger Kits provide great value along with convenience. Our complete kits make it simple to make your boat outrigger-ready today. We have kits available for the Grand Slam 170, Grand Slam 280 and for the Center Rigger.

If your boat comes "Outrigger-Ready", you can bolt on the Grand Slam top mounts in just minutes. If your boat doesn’t come "Outrigger-Ready", TACO Marine additionally offers a pre-drilled extrusion plate, the GSE-1939BLS30 for easy installation.

At this time, TACO Marine is not making available the Outrigger Kits. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our valued customers. As soon as the kits are made available again, we will let everyone know. The individual components for the kits continue to be available for purchase at our distributors. Thank you for your understanding.

Kit Components are shown below: