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Rigging Outrigger Guide
Single Rigging
What is trolling? How do I use my outriggers?
When trolling with outriggers you can troll with more lines in the water, thus
pulling more bait which simulates a school of fish. Outriggers will eliminate tangled
lines. Each outrigger can accommodate one or two lines from your rods and reels.
The line is used with a release clip that extends to the end of your outrigger.
When a fish strikes your bait, the release clip will allow your fishing line to come
free of the outrigger so you can reel in the fish.
The pad eyes that the bungee hooks to on the
gunwale is usually installed about 6" toward
the stern between the outrigger holder and
the rod holder. On the T-Top the pad eye is
usually hooked on the outer t-top ring so it
can be easily reached.
Apply small amount of tape in middle of
line bundles (to avoid fraid ends).
Cut the bundles of line into 2.
Run the outrigger line up through each of
the eye guides from the bottom up to the
very top eye.
Pass line through float and then
through the barrell sleeve, through the
snap swivel assembly and back through
the barrell sleeve.
Tie a double knot and then attach the
release clip to swivel assembly.
See Diagram.
Using the other end of the line, run line
through the pulley.
Run the line through the barrel swivel,
through the snap swivel assembly and
back through the barrel swivel.
Tie a figure 8 knot and adjust slack as
needed. Attach swivel assembly to the
release clip.
Secure pulley/bungee assembly to pad eye.
Remove slack by sliding the lock swivel
down and/or cut off excess line on the
outside of locking swivel.
Loop must be
12" - 24"
Barrel Swivel
(Removes Slack)
Premium Standard
Pulley or
Glass Eye
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