Taco Marine - Projects Guide - page 7

Rub Rail
TACO offers two sizes of rub rail that are usable with a
horizontal flange type of hull to deck joint.
1. Cut a 2” piece of rub rail and a 3” piece of insert and put together.
2. Place sample on the flange of your boat until it touches the hull.
3. While holding a pencil on the end of the insert legs, slide the sample along the flange
keeping it against the hull. This will give you a reference line for installing the insert.
4. Find the center of one piece of insert and soften it with a heat gun and bend it to
conform to the shape of the bow. If you have a sharp bow; you may make a relief cut
in the legs of the insert.
5. Line up the insert with the reference line and drill a pilot hole for the small flathead
screw and countersink the insert. The point of the screw must not come out the other
side of the flange.
6. Put 3M 5200 on the screw threads and install the screw.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all the insert has been installed.
8. Starting at the transom, snap the rub rail over the insert, heating it with a hot air gun
to soften it as it goes around corners.
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