Taco Marine - Projects Guide - page 20

Rail Hardware
• Remove the damaged fittings & tube sections using a screwdriver or drill,
allen wrench and spray lubricant
• Measure the fittings & tube you removed and refer to the product Selection
portion on pages 23 & 24 to help you determine which part is best for your
• Prepare the surface of the boat by cleaning the gelcoat thoroughly and filling
all holes with silicone sealant or 3M 5200
• Measure the length of the tube sections to be replaced and cut the
tube to the appropriate lengths. File the edges smooth with a metal file
• If you're replacing a bend in your tube, it is recommended you take
your broken tube along with the new tube and fittings to a local Marine
Bimini Top Professional, Electrician or Plumber. They have the bending
equipment to ensure the right bend for you. Bends must be made with
the fittings in place.
1. Place the bent tube, such as bow rails with fittings attached in position, along
with the tubing it attaches to.
2. Attach all additional slide-on fittings onto the tube and secure with the
provided set screws. You may need to refer back to set screw punctures on
the old tube to determine where the new fittings should be located, especially
if the tube is new
3. Secure any fittings to be attached to the deck using stainless steel screws
and a screwdriver or drill
• Wash with soap & water and avoid harsh chemicals, especially bleach
• Apply a polish coating regularly for added protection and beauty
• Never use course abrasives like sandpaper or steel wool
• Remove stain spots as soon as possible with a brass, silver or chrome cleaner
Polish your tube & fittings before you install them for added corrosion protection.
Water can collect between the tube and fittings and hold in moisture, salt & other residue.
Apply silicone sealant or 3M 5200 to the screw threads when you're securing
fittings to the deck of the boat. This will help seal the holes.
Once all the tubing and fittings have been installed, back out the set screws and apply Loc-Tite to all set
screws and re-tighten to prevent them from loosening in rough waters.
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