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Often overlooked are the aesthetic and styling functions rub
rail provides for your boat, in addition to protecting it from
docks, pilings and other boats. With TACO rub rail, you can
easily restore your boat with the original rub rail your boat
manufacturer installed or another style to give your boat that
extra finished look, along with proper protection. Look for
TACO’s original factory rub rail replacement guide at your
favorite marine retail store today or request one on our web
site tacomarine.com. Here is how to get started:
Handy Hank is your “go to” guy for any questions,
comments or concerns you may have regarding
TACO products, projects and technical support. Let
Handy Hank be your guide and help you with your
boat improvement project!
Look for Handy Hank’s tips throughout this booklet. That’s where you will
find important time-saving tips that will make your project easier! Contact
Handy Hank at 800-653-8567 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST or send an email
To support your boat improvement purchase, TACO has created this instructional guide
with suggestions for installation and project ideas.
Included in this guide are tips and techniques for projects to improve these
components of your boat:
• Rub Rail Projects
• Rail & Top Projects
• Hatch, Door & Window Projects
• Sportfishing Equipment Installation
• Dock Bumper Installation
• Leaning Post Installation
• Projects with Marine Lumber
• Seat & Pedestal Installation
• Plus many Care & Maintenance Tips!
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